Charlemagne Wine Club

Venue : The Forester, 2 Leighton Road, London W13 9EP
Meetings : normally held on the third Monday of the month
Contact :
David Carter, 107 Coldershaw Rd, London W13 9DU.
Membership : about 100
Membership Fee : None
Cost of Events : typically cost £15.
Typical Attendance : 36

Club Information

Charlemagne Wine Club was founded in 1974 by a Mr Rogers who ran a wine business in Pitshanger Lane , Ealing and had a particular interest in Burgundy wines. Charlemagne the Great was King of Burgundy - hence the Club's name.
Please read John Ducker's historical appreciation of our club on our website.


Charlemagne members share a common interest in learning about and tasting fine wines. All levels of knowledge and experience are represented. It helps if you can tell the difference between chardonnay and cabernet franc - but if you don't, you will learn!

Our professionally tutored programme includes both the popular and 'classic' regions of the wine world. They present an opportunity to try wines which you might not normally imbibe (lesser known wines not to be found in the average supermarket, or because they are too pricey for ordinary drinking, and so on).

Bookings and Cancellations
We try to organise bookings for Charlemagne so that everyone has a fair chance to attend. Dates of meetings are publicised up to a year in advance, in newsletters and on the website. We accept bookings only after the monthly newsletter has been sent out. Paper copies of the newsletter are mailed out two to three weeks ahead of the meeting, and email notification four days later (keeping things fair, to allow for "snailmail" delays). Spaces are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Email bookings will be confirmed by email, but we don't send out any tickets.
Once a meeting is fully booked, we run a waiting list. You can attempt last minute bookings and cancellations by telephone to the number in the newsletter - please do not rely on e-mail for these unless you receive a confirmation email.

Charlemagne is a purely voluntary organisation, so we need to organise things simply for our committee!


We ask that you bring your own set of ISO glasses to tastings.
For those of you who do not already have any ISO tasting glasses, we can provide new boxed sets of 6 Luigi Bormioli "Light & Music" 21cl ISO glasses for £12.50.

Programme 2019
Mon 21 Jan Austria Nick Farah
Mon 18 Feb Cabernet Sauvignon Paul Mapplebeck
Mon 18 Mar Alsace Vivienne Franks
Mon 15 Apr Font de Michelle, Chateauneuf-du-Pape
Mon 20 May Tibero del Duero David Carter
Mon 17 Jun Campania Quentin Sadler
Mon 15 Jul TBA
Mon 16 Sep Romania
Mon 20 Oct Napa Valley Vivienne Franks












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