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Bars and restaurants are starting to reopen this weekend, as the danger of infection recedes. We can understand if you are still nervous about gathering, but it is time to start planning to reopen. Many clubs have the summer off or use the time to visit vineyards or have other activities. Now is the time to plan what you will be doing in the Autumn.

Our plans for the Spring were disrupted by the lockdown, so the presenters that you had booked for that period may well still have the wines that they were going to show earlier in the year. It is time to get on to them and find a new date. It is also time to contact your members and start to encourage them to come out again when the time is right.

Have you been holding virtual tastings? Let us, and your members that didn't take part, how they went. Get your members to tell you what they have been drinking – it may give you ideas for future events. My Central London group is going to start up again next week – our usual venue, the Civil Service Club in Whitehall will be open, and we are planning to have two tastings with dinners to get us going again – numbers will be limited by the size of the rooms – see the STOP PRESS box for details.

Don't forget, when you have a programme, however tentative, let me know the details on ian.mclaren@ukwineclub.org.uk .

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Preliminary List of Central London Wine Society meetings:
The Central London Wine Society is continuing to meet, and welcomes members of other clubs
7 October 6pm

Wine & Dine Puglia & Sicily

14 October 6pm
Languedoc in the Limelight (with food available)
21 October 6pm

Wine & Dine Austria & Germany

Wednesday 28 October 6pm Paul Mapplebeck Memorial Dinner
(very restricted places)

Details and bookings ian.mclaren@ukwineclub.org.uk

North Ealing Wine Tasting Society might resume in November:
Chelsea & Fulham Wine Society might have meetings before Christmas info@cfwinesociety.org

Please support your local wine club.
Secretaries, please send your 2020 programmes to support@ukwineclub.org.uk

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